Security An Issue?

Finding out more about security alarms is always beneficial. This kind of isn’t what you’re heading to eat for supper tonight. It’s a decision that involves the security and security of all of your family. You want to keep them safe, so consider the following helpful hints to be sure this happens.

Cameras are an easy way to protect your home and family. If you make the cameras noticeable, just having them on your property is enough to prevent many criminals. High quality video surveillance systems have gone down in cost in recent years and are affordable for almost any budget now.

Don’t show off your expensive possessions to the complete neighborhood. Take a step outside and show through your windows. If you can see expensive items that are potential goals for thieves, consider moving those items out of plain view. Or spend in a set of curtains that could be drawn to prevent potential intruders from targeting your valuables.

Inserting motion sensor lights around the outside of your house can be a great way to prevent prowlers. These lights stay off unless something or someone enters your garden, and then they light up enabling you to see who’s out there. Criminals prefer to work in the shadows, so this can be a powerful home security strategy to use.



Hafa Adai and welcome to your government’s one-stop on-line service
center! Our goal is to make government more efficient by bringing its
services closer to you. The GovGuam Portal brings the services of your
government’s agencies into one gateway that is easy to navigate. It
makes doing business with the government faster through one
easy-to-remember Website that can lead you to every service we offer.


The GovGuam Portal is our latest e-government initiative that is
transforming government operations and improving our culture of service.
We continue to develop better ways for you to get what you need, when
you need it. This is our commitment to you as we build upon the
progress that is moving our island forward in so many ways.


Thank you and we look forward to serving you!

Sinseru yan Magåhet,

I Maga’ låhen Guåhan
Governor of Guam
I Segundo na Maga’ låhen Guåhan
Lieutenant Governor of Guam


Governor Felix P. Camacho today directed the Bureau
of Statistics and Plans to create a comprehensive database that will
identify former Guam residents and natives born abroad and be used to
encourage them to return home and be a part of Guam’s growing future.

Governor Michael W. Cruz M.D., will sign Bill No. 142, a measure that
authorizes compensation and benefits adjustments for employees of the
Port Authority of Guam.

A signing ceremony is scheduled for today, July 2, 2009 at 2:30 p.m. at the Port Authority of Guam, Piti. 


Acting Governor Cruz Signs Three Bills Into Law
July 2, 2009

Acting Governor Michael W.
Cruz, M.D., signed three bills into public law including Bill 160
(COR), now PL 30-42. Additionally, it appropriates funding to the
Department of Administration and the Department of Revenue and Taxation
for processing and mailing of tax refunds and cost of living allowance
(COLA) payments.

“I understand and recognize the financial strain
faced by the people of Guam,” said Acting Governor Cruz. “This bill
addresses the issue of overdue tax refunds and COLA payments and ensures
that our people will now receive the money they are owed.”

Acting Governor Cruz also signed the following:

  • Bill
    No. 88 (LS) – PL 30-40: Amends current law relative to the David J.T.
    Limtiaco Plant Nursery Building at the Department of Agriculture.
  • Bill
    No. 146 (COR) – PL 30-41: Appropriates funding to sustain existing
    operations for youth support programs for the balance of Fiscal Year
    2009. These programs include the Department of Mental Health and
    Substance Abuse Youth Drug and Alcohol Program and Sanctuary, Inc.


A Statement from the Governor and Lt. Governor of Guam
July 2, 2009

Governor Felix P. Camacho
and Lt. Governor Michael W. Cruz, M.D., issued the following statement
regarding the death of Reina Leddy:

“We are deeply
saddened by the passing of Reina Leddy, whose contributions to our
island will forever be remembered. Her tireless efforts as a business
and civic leader in our community will be sorely missed. We ask the
people of Guam to keep her husband David, and the entire Leddy family,
in their thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.”


PBS Guam General Manager Selected for Leadership Development Program
July 2, 2009

Acting Governor Michael W.
Cruz and PBS Guam proudly announce the selection of Dr. Sam Mabini, PBS
Guam General Manger, as a member of the 2009 PBS Leadership Development
Program funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  Mabini is
one of five new individuals in the nation to be selected and is Guam’s
first member in the program.

“I commend Dr. Mabini for her
commitment to improving PBS Guam and congratulate her on this
prestigious selection,” said Acting Governor Cruz. “I am confident that
the knowledge she gains under this program will help her strengthen
Guam’s public broadcasting systems.”

The program is in its
fourth year and is a year-long process that provides management
development and networking opportunities to promising talent in the
public broadcasting system and seeks to diversify a new generation of
system leaders. Her selection to the program is based on her
demonstration of leadership ability and her long-term commitment to
public broadcasting. 

“I am humbled and honored to be recognized
and chosen for this program, which provides me with the opportunity to
grow professionally with PBS Guam,” said Dr. Mabini. “More importantly,
it puts Guam in the position to make a significant contribution to the
public broadcasting community in the years to come and throughout the
United States.”

Dr. Mabini has been the general manager of PBS
Guam since June 2008. She has held positions as acting director of the
Guam Public Library and associate dean at the Guam Community College.


H1N1 Influenza Virus Case Confirmed on Guam
July 1, 2009

The Office of the Acting
Governor announced today that a government employee on Andersen Air
Force Base has contracted the H1N1 influenza virus. The case was
confirmed today by the Guam Department of Public Health and Social
Services (DPHSS).

DPHSS has been working with the Department of Defense to ensure the individual receives appropriate medical attention.

individual after returning from a trip to Texas exhibited flu-like
symptoms. The individual sought medical care at Naval Hospital Guam on
June 25. The individual underwent sampling and was placed on home
isolation. The samples were sent to the Navy Health Research Laboratory
in San Diego, which confirmed the H1N1 influenza virus today.

individual is recovering and continues to remain in isolation. One
member of the individual’s household is experiencing flu-like symptoms
and has been placed on anti-viral medication. The individual and other
members of the household are currently undergoing further medical

There are everyday actions that can help prevent
the spread of germs that cause respiratory illnesses like influenza.
Take these everyday steps to protect your health:

  • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Throw the tissue in the trash after you use it.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water, especially after you cough or sneeze. Alcohol-based hand cleaners are also effective.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Germs spread this way.
  • Try to avoid close contact with sick people.
  • Stay
    home if you are sick for seven days after your symptoms begin or until
    you have been symptom-free for 24 hours, whichever is longer. This is to
    keep from infecting others and spreading the virus further.

The DPHSS Incident Command Center will continue to operate as usual from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

more information, please visit the Department of Public Health and
Social Services Web site at, the Guam Homeland
Security/Office of Civil Defense Web site at, or the
Center for Disease Control Web site at

You may also call the information line at the Incident Command Center at 735-H1N1 (4161).


Guam Trade Mission to Manila Attracts Serious Interest
Governor Camacho issues invitations to do business on Guam

July 1, 2009

Felix P. Camacho yesterday attended a conference in Manila as part of
the Guam Trade Mission delegation that met with approximately 150 senior
executives from several Philippine companies to expand on their initial
interest in doing business in Guam. The executives represented
companies from the fields of technology, real estate, construction,
insurance, financial services, agriculture, aquaculture and medicine. In
addition to Governor Camacho, members of the Guam delegation included
representatives of the Guam Economic Development Authority (GEDA) and
members of the island’s private sector.

“I am excited that these
companies are looking to extend their services to our island and we
certainly welcome their investment,” said Governor Camacho. “I informed
them that my office and GEDA are ready to assist with their entry into
the Guam market.”

Philippine companies in attendance included
Petron Corporation; Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company;; Land
Registration Systems, Inc.; 1 Document Corporation; Stradcom
Corporation; Penta Capital Investment Corporation; Saludo, Fernandez,
Aquino and Taleon Law Offices; and HP Diagnostic. Additionally, the
conference was attended by the Philippine Representative of Asian
Development Bank as well as representatives of the Philippine Chamber of
Commerce and Chemical Industries of the Philippines.

A number of
private businesses are sponsors of the trade mission, including
Continental Airlines; International Group, Inc.; Pacific Rim Brokers,
Inc.; Land Registration Systems Inc.; Stradcom Corporation; 1 Document
Corporation; Century Insurance Co. Ltd.; and the Marianas Business

“I would like to thank Governor Camacho and GEDA for
their participation in this event. While this mission was arranged by a
number of individuals in the private sector, the support we have
received for the Governor and GEDA is proving invaluable,” said Peter R.
Sgro, chairman and executive officer of International Group. “We look
forward to the next step in the process as these organizations firm up
their plans.”

For more information, please contact Christina
“Tina” Garcia, GEDA Deputy Administrator, at (011-63) 905-666-9727 or
Peter R. Sgro Jr., private sector group representative at (011-63)
915-235-9095. Additionally, Mr. Sgro can be reached at the Renaissance
Hotel on (011-632) 811-6888, Room 1250


Media Advisory – 06/30/09
 A press release will be sent out in the
evening regarding the Guam Trade Mission. Governor Felix P. Camacho is a
part of Guam’s delegation that is in Manila currently meeting with
regional executives who have expressed interest in conducting business
on Guam.

The release will accompany photos and will detail information of the Guam Trade Mission in Manila.


U.S. Consul General and Media of Okinawa Visit Adelup
Group meets with acting governor on Marines relocation, tours military bases

June 30, 2009

Governor Michael W. Cruz, M.D., hosted Kevin Maher, the U.S. consul
general of Naha, Okinawa, his staff, and a group of Japanese media today
during a courtesy visit at Adelup.

The Joint Guam Program
Office escorted the group to Adelup as part of a full-day tour of Guam
and the military bases. The eight media reporters, who cover military
and security issues in Okinawa, engaged Acting Governor Cruz in
questions regarding Guam’s preparedness for the social impact of the
Marines’ transition from Okinawa to Guam. The transition must be a
“national priority and commitment” to ensure that the quality of life
for residents on and off base will be better and not worse, said Acting
Governor Cruz.

The group also toured Naval Base Guam, including
Apra View Housing, and visited the Asan Bay Overlook, the Pacific War
Museum, the Andersen Air Force Base Marine Corps Aviation Combat
Element, and the Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station (NCTS)
proposed Marine Corps relocation facilities. The purpose of their visit
is to enhance their understanding of the relocation plan and to see
examples of housing and other facilities that will be constructed with
the aid of Japanese funds.

The group arrived in Guam last night and will depart for Okinawa tomorrow morning.

Home Security Tips

Always modification the locks modified once you purchase a replacement home. You’ve got no clue what percentage copies of the keys to the previous house owners created.  Do a similar factors if you happen to misplace your keys.

Do you keep your dog outdoors once you leave the home? This pet could also be a superb storing spot for keeping your spare key. place the key on their collar.This works particularly helpful if the dog doesn’t take kindly to strangers.

Above doors or beneath a mat aren’t sensible ideas. One plan is to cover your secret’s within the collar of a dog that doesn’t take kindly to strangers.

Ask friend for recommendation before you select a home security system or service. you’ll be able to get pleasure from people that have gone before you by being attentive to their recommendations and warnings. raise around thus you will have the maximum amount recommendation for creating a sound call.

There is some way to prevent thieves from getting into your home through associate hooked up garage. you’ll be able to use a C-clamp to secure the door from being opened by strangers.

This is terribly true if you are uneasy with people who install your actual system. do not hesitate to request a distinct technician or get another company. The purpose of getting a security system is to feel comfy.

Don’t forget concerning the skylights once doing a security sweep for your home. whereas they’re nice and facilitate with lighting, they’re conjointly a straightforward manner for thieves to enter your home. make certain that skylights in your home will be fastened firmly.

Walls will function as an excellent activity spot. you’ll be able to hide little valuables at intervals your walls. you’ll be able to use phone jacks or different device that’s not being employed.You can simply install pretend plate if there are not any unused in your home.

The wiring on your house square measure terribly valuable. lots of individuals do not understand this truth till a stealer steals it from the house. The wiring has copper within the wire is incredibly valuable and is straightforward to be quickly come into being the outside of the house in an exceedingly home. confirm the wiring is hidden or laborious to access to stay this valuable property safe.  Advanced home automation systems are best for monitoring your house when you are away.

Be certain to browse all of the fine print to any contracts you propose on language for a home security company. There might be fees if you break a contract or feat extra instrumentation down the road. you ought to avoid such expenses if you’ll be able to, thus fathom them up front.

Ask your home security company however long they need been within the business. an organization with a moment has established they will survive and supply nice service is reliable. Knowing you’re not coping with a fly by night company will keep you calm once creating this necessary call.

While these systems might be smart for safeguarding your family, they don’t seem to be necessary for each family. In some neighborhoods, a category on self defense or a working dog could be a lot of appropriate, however in others, a sophisticated home security system can match the bill. understand the risks in order that you would like and create an improved call.

Never enter your house if you arrive and notice the door open. this can be dangerous as a result of the stealer may still be within. Your best bet is to decision the authorities and wait till they arrive before you are doing anything.

Keep curtains force tight once you square measure off from home. Intruders will see into your house if the blinds square measure up. you ought to keep them drawn whereas you’re asleep.

You shouldn’t keep your automobile registration documents within the glove box. this can be not wise since anyone WHO gets them goes to grasp your address. you ought to have them if you ought to be force over.

Don’t hide keys in obvious place. it’s straightforward to seek out pretend rock.The stealer can seemingly look is beneath the doormat. a follower or neighbor will be a far higher key just in case you would like it. If you can’t try this, notice a spot that is not obvious.

Anyone will simply get your birthday from a Facebook and will have access into your house.

Sliding glass doors square measure an enormous security drawback in several homes. they’re simply opened if somebody lifts and shakes the door frame. This keeps the door closed and makes it harsh to open.

You want to forever keep second-floor windows fastened.  Many folks forget now and believe burglars will not trouble with those windows. this might not the reality. Criminals make this into a vulnerable space in home alarm security.

Having an enormous dog with a shivery bark is useful. Burglars don’t need risk being bitten.

The wiring on the outside could also be simply targeted by burglars. The copper in elements and wiring is being sold  for an honest value. Conceal the wiring in your home thus intruders cannot take away it otherwise you with lots on repairs.

Always modification your locks on a replacement home. this can be correct concerning home purchases and rentals, thus discuss it along with your property owner, if you’re ready to do thus.

Video systems are criminal’s worst nightmare. Burglars do not wear masks such as you see in movies. Several home burglars won’t wear something to hide their face as a result of this need no intention of ever being seen.

Home security may be a topic of significant importance however one concerning that nobody is aware of an excellent deal. Keep your home safe to guard those you’re keen on.

Home Improvement Does Not Have To Be Difficult

In the event that you have been deduction for some time that you might want to make some upgrades or changes to your home, yet have put it off in light of the fact that you simply don’t know where to begin, this article will help you figure out what to do, how to do it, and in addition, how to get the most ideal arrangement.

To save money on your electric bill, have a go at changing from consistent light changes to dimmer switches. Dimmer changes permit you to choose the amount of light you need to use in a specific room. You can utilize less power to light an entire room, and include a feeling of state of mind too.

When you are repairing your land, don’t squander cash purchasing economically made preliminary paint. Go to your nearby home change store and purchase a few jars of the paint that they blended that somebody didn’t care for. Have them empty everything into a bigger basin and blend it to a medium shade of dark. This will spare you more than half of what you would have paid.

Here is a thought! To point out bits of your furniture and embellishments that are cocoa or purple, place them against a white setting. This is particularly extraordinary in the event that you live in a flat and can’t paint your room an alternate shading other than white. Use this shading and make a space loaded with identity using a cocoa lounge chair and purple enriching pads.

Property holders undertaking significant remodel take a shot at high-esteem homes ought to connect with a designer. While their administrations are costly, engineers make back their expense on huge, complex tasks. They help mortgage holders oversee complex occupations including different temporary workers and sub-contractual workers and have the tasteful sensibilities which can save and expand the business sector estimation of a costly home.

In the event that the cupboards in your kitchen are outdated or could be better, consider supplanting them or reemerging them before you endeavor to offer your home. Kitchen redesigns, for example, supplanting cupboards, ordinarily offer a 100 percent return on what you spend. Kitchens are a major offering moment that somebody is hoping to buy a home.

At the point when hoping to supplant ledges, run with stone. Most rock is appealing looking, sturdy, sensibly evaluated and can withhold hot items. Additionally, on the grounds that it is so difficult, it won’t scratch, rankle, or split. It is anything but difficult to clean and does not wear out like other ledges.

Whether you live in suburbia or the chicest gated group,vinyl flooring and light fixtures are certainly “in”. A few crystal fixtures are not exceptionally costly by any means, and can give an extremely exquisite look in your lounge area. By selecting 200 to 400 watts, your light fixture will give shine and shimmer to any room.

Try not to continue putting off your home change ventures since you do not have the learning or ability to do everything all alone. As this article has indicated you, there are a lot of ways that you can roll out huge improvements in your home, with a smidgen of time and diligent work.

Hoping To Secure Your Home?

Keep perusing to take in more about home security.It’s never simple making such an essential and excessive choice. You will settle on the right choice on the off chance that you haven’t instructed yourself on the subject appropriately.

Make sure that your home appears to dependably be protected by a home security system. You could buy clocks which make lights and TV’s, lights, lights and different hardware go now and again at various times. This will make it appear as though somebody is in no time at home. This is only one of the numerous precautionary measures you keep your home criminal free.

It’s essential to search for your home. Ensure you get bids from at least three organizations before settling on a last one.

Over a door jamb or under doormats are much excessively normal, making it impossible to shroud them and potential lawbreakers will check them first. One great spot to shroud your key inside the neckline of your outside canine.

Try not to post data about your excursions on the web. Despite the fact that your first intuition is to share the news around an up and coming outing that energizes you, it might coincidentally surrender criminals a heads to focus on your property.

Never permit an outsider inside. Regardless of what the reason the individual presents, you should not permit get to. This individual may very well be packaging the principal tenet of keeping your home secure.

These can represent a higher possibility of bursting into flames amid the hot months. Clear up your yard regularly on the off chance that you need to keep a flame from beginning.

This is especially genuine on the off chance that you are uneasy with the individuals who are introducing the real framework. Try not to waver requesting another expert or to procure another organization by and large. The purpose of having a security framework is to feel more secure all things considered.

Fix Your Roof By Checking Out These Tips

With regards to your rooftop, it is critical that you know how to take legitimate consideration of it. Time after time, individuals disregard their rooftops until an issue adds to that can never again be overlooked. Keep this from using so as to transpire the accompanying tips to appropriately keep up your rooftop consistently.

At the point when introducing another boot on any funnels which leave your rooftop, ensure they fit as cozy as a bug in a floor covering. On the off chance that they’re even somewhat free, water can leak within them, bringing about you a cerebral pain you needn’t bother with. Pick the right size to extra yourself from issues not far off.

On the off chance that you have a release and are going on your rooftop to look for it, carry a hose with you. You can splash the hose keeping in mind the end goal to discover where the break is originating from in the vinyl siding. Be that as it may, don’t do this in the winter, as the water from the hose could bring about ice.

Never endeavor to finish any material work alone when doing gutter repair on your house. On the off chance that you have a mishap whilst taking a shot at your rooftop, you should make sure that somebody will arrive to help you. This is on the grounds that the long haul effect of a material mishap harm is all the time identified with the time it takes to look for help after the mischance happens.

It is your obligation to recognize what’s included in enlisting a suitable material temporary worker. Don’t just contract the least expensive contractual worker you can discover. Rather, get some answers concerning the roofers and their notoriety. Two great approaches to research great contractual workers are informal exchange from companions and online quests.

As was expressed in the first place of this article, numerous mortgage holders disregard taking appropriate consideration of their rooftops until a difficult issue emerges. Ensure you utilize the tips and traps delineated above to guarantee that your rooftop is dependably healthy so you won’t ever need to manage immoderate issues later on. You’ll be happy you did.

Design Advise on a budget

Making a formal closet can be a troublesome errand. You have to consider numerous things, for example, value, shading, size and distinctive fabric sorts. The article beneath will manage you through picking garments for any event.

It’s imperative to concentrate the majority of your style cash on fundamentals that will stand the test of time. Contribute your cash on tasteful pieces that are immortal. An essential dark pencil skirt can be worn for a long time and be redesigned every year with a top or coat that accompanies the design of the day.

Try not to be reluctant to wear the look you cherish. It can regularly feel somewhat alarming to wear a look that is somewhat strange. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you truly need to wear it, do what needs to be done! It bodes well to permit your actual inward mold diva to turn out, regardless of the fact that she’s on the peculiar side.

Wear your hair up in an easygoing bun to keep it off the shoulders for women’s hair cuts. Long, free hair can act as a burden amid work or play. When you’re short on time, a basic hair versatile and two or three pins can help you to look great with a speedy and stylish men’s hair cuts.

For a straightforward approach to look more trendy, swap out your shoddy elastic flip-flops for a couple of strappy shoes in cowhide, patent, or another eye-getting, grown-up material. Your feet will in any case be agreeable, yet you will immediately look more set up together and cleaned. Search for decorated styles with dots, weaving or crazy equipment.

Selecting formal garments can simply be a confused procedure, particularly when contemplating things, for example, fabric and cost when you have to buy these things. Do your best to assemble a decent formal closet so you have something to wear for each event. These tips can help you in the event that you get stuck.

Plumbing In Your Home

In the event that you are totally new to the universe of pipes, then you are most likely imagining that a few tips on pipes will help you gigantically with the goal that you can start keeping up your own at home. Recorded beneath are a few tips to kick you off with your home pipes support and repair.

Before beginning any pipes venture all alone make sure to do a lot of exploration. There are numerous assets accessible to help you in comprehension you’re pipes framework and offer you to maintain a strategic distance from numerous regular slip-ups some assistance with making by do-it-without anyone’s help fledglings. Perusing about other individuals’ mix-ups can have the effect of sparing or losing cash.

Ensure everybody that lives in your home knows where to discover and utilize the primary water stop valve on the off chance that there is a blasted channel crisis. This is particularly critical on the off chance that you live in a range where your funnels might solidify. Pause for a minute to demonstrate your relatives where the valve is and how to appropriately stopped it.

On the off chance that you have issues with the pipes making a pounding sound when you turn it off, check your water weight. At whatever time your water weight is above 80 PSI, you will hear additional water clamor when doing clogged toilet or sewer pipe repair. This can be effortlessly comprehended by the establishment of a weight decreasing valve, which should be possible by most property holders.

In the event that you have awful water weight in the shower, the shower head may be obstructed. Take a plastic baggie, fill it with general vinegar, and attach it to the shower head so that the shower head is secured. Abandon it overnight. In the morning, take the baggie off and utilize a little toothbrush to clean away any mineral stores.

As should be obvious from the above rundown of tips, keeping up and repairing your own pipes can be extremely time and cash sparing over the long haul in the event that you recognize what you are doing. Subsequent to taking after these tips, you will never again be new to pipes, yet you will end up being a pipes master.