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The decision comes after the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal concluded that the Ontario government’s rules for private health insurance coverage and the Canadian Health Insurance Plan do not adequately protect the privacy of patients and employers.

That decision could pave the way for private insurance companies based abroad to make coverage mandatory and for patients who want their own private health insurance plans there to not have to choose between paying for the private insurance and covering themselves with a public payer paid employee program.

The decision comes after three years as the province’s premier, Kathleen Wynne has come under fire for her handling of the controversy, including the decision to cancel a $300-million “sunlight program” for community groups with a “good cause” such as cancer.

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In November, the tribunal released a ruling saying those rules were vague enough not to include the right for Ontarians to pick the health insurance company that would cover them, even though individual workers did the talking.

They took into account whether a person wanted a private, government-paid coverage or not. They also took into account their needs, such as medical care.

This decision would not affect private insurance premiums, but it would impact how the province spends money when it does decide to.

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