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Learning Objectives:• The features and benefits of the products you sell.• How to answer your customers’ product-related questions.• How to help your customer choose the right products.• How to increase transaction sizes by learning more about add-on sales and upselling techniques.Product Knowledge:Chapter 1: FastenersModule 1: ScrewsSheet Metal Screw• This screw fastens thin metal to thin metal.• It is threaded its entire length.• Can have flat, oval, round or binding heads.• Typical lengths range from 1/8” to 2”.• Starting holes are either drilled or punched and should be slightly smaller than the screw diameter.Machine Screw• Intended to be screwed into pre-threaded holes in metal.• Another type is a Thread-Cutting Machine Screw, which has a head that cuts its own threads as it goes into a hole.• May look like a bolt, but user drives it with a screwdriver instead of a wrench.• Thread is measured in threads per inch, or tpi. Comes in coarse (24 threads per inch) and fine (32 threads per inch) sizes.• Can have round, oval, flat and fillister heads. Before we get into the different types of screws(also see wholesale fasteners), let’s take a look at the different types of head styles and drive types. The head style refers to the shape of the head. The drive type refers to the type of driver needed to secure the fastener.Here are the Head Styles:• Flat• Oval• Pan• TrussHere are the Drive Types:• Phillips• Slotted• Combination• Round• Hex• Hex Washer• Hex• Torx• Square.

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